Advancing Family Therapy Education: ABFT Curriculum for Universities

General Information for Professors

ABFT International offers a fully supported university curriculum for a professor to teach a 9 to 11-hour module of ABFT as part of a university course or as an extracurricular program. It is designed to be used in the following ways: embedded in a semester course, outside of the curriculum as a special training, summer intensive, or other short programming material. A professor and at least 7 students must register for the program.

We supply all the materials listed below:

  1. Streaming access to 6 lectures by Dr. Guy Diamond & Dr. Suzanne Levy 
  2. Streaming access to 7 video recordings of therapy sessions demonstrating the essential ABFT skills
  3. Teaching guide for professors 
  4. Live Q&A session with ABFT Treatment Developers 
  5. Student Clinical Manual 
  6. ABFT Selected Published Works Packet 
  7. Instructor manual with role-play activity suggestions (optional) 
  8. Student and Faculty Evaluations 
  9. Certificate of Completion for Students (must pass post-test at 80%) 
Interested in using the ABFT university curriculum with your students?

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  • Total time to complete the course is approximately 9-11 hours. Course length depends on how many times the demonstration therapy videos are reviewed and if role play exercises are utilized.
  • This is designed to be a professor-led course. Professor facilitates the class sessions using the curriculum and videos provided by ABFT International. Please note, students do not have direct access to the videos. Instructor is responsible for showing them to the class. If you are interested in a format where students independently watch the videos at home prior to class time, please let us know.
  • Curriculum includes 6 pre-recorded lectures (each lecture video is approximately 40-60 minutes long).
  • Curriculum also includes 7 demonstration therapy videos. Each video is approximately 6-8 minutes long. Estimated class time to review excerpts is 30-50 minutes per video. A training manual is provided which highlights essential ABFT principles and strategies demonstrated in the videos.
  • ABFT International provides a 1-hour live Q&A session with an ABFT Treatment Developer during the course via web conferencing. Students can prepare questions for this session. throughout the course.
  • Students are provided with a Student Clinical Manual which contains all the PowerPoint slides, 5-task overview sheets, and other clinical aids.
  • It is recommended (though not required) that students also read the ABFT manual (available for purchase from APA).
  • A program evaluation process is included with the program. This consists of a simple pre and post evaluation tool to demonstrate increased knowledge. Individual professors are free to incorporate any additional evaluation tools or exams.
  • A certificate of completion is provided at the end of the course to students (if they pass the post-test at 80%).
  • The professor is invited to attend the live online Two-Part ABFT Introductory Workshop for free.

A professor or instructor must proctor the course. Instructor responsibilities include organizing students and location, verifying student attendance, and running technology. ABFT International provides the entire curriculum and all course materials for the instructor to facilitate.

We recommend that professors attend our Two-Part Introductory Workshop to become more familiar with the course content. Admission to the workshop is free for professors teaching the course (a $485 value).

Students participating in the course must be enrolled in a graduate program pursuing a degree in the mental health field (such as art therapy, counseling, couples and family therapy, creative movement therapy, music therapy, psychology, psychiatry, psychiatric nursing, social work, etc.)

Additionally, a professor must be willing to facilitate the course with students.

A minimum of 7 participating students are required to initiate the course.

  • Fee of $99 per student (fee can be charged to the individual students or covered by the university facilitating the course)
  • There is no training fee or implementation cost to the professor

If you are a professor or instructor interested in utilizing this course, please e-mail with your name, university, and expected start date for the course.

We recommend reaching out at least 2-3 weeks prior to when you expect to begin utilizing the course. We will coordinate payment with you and provide access to an instructor portal containing the course materials. Students will also need to register to receive access to a student portal containing the course evaluations.