Live Online Courses

Live Online

ABFT Introductory Workshop (Fall 2024)

This live online introductory training reviews the theory, research, and clinical strategies of ABFT. Attendance at the full workshop fulfills Level 1 training.
Part 1: October 10-11
Part 2: October 17-18 & 24-25
6.5-19.75 CE credits available.

Live Online

ABFT Advanced Workshop (Spring 2025)

This Level 2 training will further develop the skills of therapists who have started using ABFT with their clients. Participants will learn emotion-focused skills and explore person of the therapist issues impacting one’s work.
Feb 27-28, March 6-7 & 13-14, 2025
19.75 CE credits available.

Live Online

Family-Based Youth Suicide Prevention Workshop

September 19-20 at 10:30am-2:15pm ET. This live online workshop provides an introduction to state of the art, empirically supported family-based suicide risk management practices to help therapists and clinical staff manage suicide concerns when they arise. 7 CE credits available.

Live Consultation

ABFT Supervision

ABFT International offers individual and group case consultation meetings for therapists looking to implement ABFT more effectively with clients. During supervision, therapists learn how to conceptualize from an ABFT framework so that they can utilize ABFT with a variety of different clients, presenting problems, and difficult situations. Level 2 training.

Self-Paced Online Courses


Fundamentals of ABFT

Learn directly from the ABFT treatment developers, Drs. Guy Diamond & Suzanne Levy, with on-demand videos. Course contains 6 pre-recorded lectures and 7 recorded excerpts from demonstrations of ABFT therapy sessions. It is equivalent to the Part 1 Intro Workshop. 8 CE credits available.

Curriculum for Graduate Programs

ABFT Curriculum for Universities

Teach a course in ABFT! We offer a fully supported university curriculum for a professor to teach a 9 to 11-hour module of ABFT as part of a university course or as an extracurricular program.